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The plastic manufacturing and products industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the United States, accounting for more than $320 billion dollars in annual shipments. The industry directly employs more than 1.5 million people.

Plastics play an indispensable role in a wide variety of markets, ranging from packaging and building/construction to transportation; consumer and institutional products; furniture and furnishings; electrical/electronic components; adhesives, inks and coatings and others. This sector presents a significant opportunity for Oriental OEM and contract manufacturers.

In a parallel trend, the growth of the economy in Taiwan, a pivotal player in Oriental trading --  especially with China -- has resulted in increased demand for plastic manufacturing and products. Plastic materials and resins have shared 39 percent of the total demand of chemical industry. In recent years a demand for high-tech and high value added plastic materials and resins for the use in local industries such as electronic, communication, automobile, textile, package, construction, medical supplies and sporting equipment has been growing rapidly.  Imports of plastic materials and resins still play important role in the Taiwan chemical industry, especially the composite and engineering materials. The actual demand in quantity of plastic materials and resins has been growing, but the decreasing pricing has reflected a weaker demand in value.

This demand has led to an increasing growth of small to medium size, high quality Taiwan plastic manufacturing companies. The current markets in Taiwan have driven the prices down for plastics products. This presents an opportunity for North American agents, distributors and companies to achieve significant competitive advantages in North American markets.

Over the past three decades the principals at Worldwide Trading Company have developed direct contact and established business relationships with reliable, high quality Oriental plastic manufacturing companies. Through these relationships we are able to set up direct contacts for trading which reduce risk and cost considerably.

Our partner companies can supply almost ANY extruded Plastic/nylon product. Just provide us the specifications for your product/part (or sample for mold) and we can provide the most competitive price quote.

We also maintain, and continue to develop, strong relationships with distributors and other buyers with wide coverage of North American manufacturing products markets. So if your company is seeking to expand its North American markets for your products, we can help.

Our demonstrated combination of successful Oriental trading and market experience WILL make a difference for you. Contact us now!

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High Quality Plastic Manufacturing and Products
Plastic Manufacturing Product Samples
Plastic Manufacturing Product Samples
Plastic Manufacturing Product Samples
Plastic Manufacturing Product Samples
Plastic Manufacturing Product Samples

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