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Export China guidelines: Setting up a good distribution network is fundamental to the success of exporting to an Asian market. Distributors generally provide a host of services including warehousing, shipping, marketing, sales, and service support for the products being sold. Manufacturers must learn to understand the cultural differences between China and other countries. Knowing these differences and how to integrate with them are the keys to success.

The personal relationships cultivated over many years by the founder of Worldwide Trading Company with business owners and associates in Asia, make it possible for your business to seize a unique opportunity to compete in international trade.  Relationships in Asia take time to develop - and that is why reputation to an Asian distributor or agent is so critically important for success.

Please consult with Worldwide Trading Company for your export China and other international trading needs. We are dedicated to helping United States companies improve their trading results with China.

Over the past three decades we have developed direct contact and established business relationships with reliable, high quality manufacturers of a wide variety of manufacturing products. Our experience will make a difference for you and your company.

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