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China trade remains of the most promising business expansion areas. China's population is huge, encompassing over one-fifth of the world population in 1995. The country is the fastest growing economy in the world with a double-digit average annual real growth rate of 11% over the past decade, remains one of the largest recipients of foreign direct investment. China trade and investment ties with the U.S. and especially with Hong Kong in Asia have significantly strengthened.

Over the next decade, the re-entrance of China into the international trading arena represents an important business opportunity for North American companies. Potential China trade and foreign investment reforms can complement each other positively - leading to even greater benefit  both to China and its trading partners. Those businesses that will benefit especially include telecommunications, the financial sector, the automobile sector, and agricultural industries. Manufacturing continues to be a promising sector.

Asians put their trust in personal relationships. Over the past three decades we have developed direct contact and established business relationships with reliable, high quality Oriental manufacturers of a wide variety of manufacturing products.

That is why you should check with Worldwide Trading Company for your China trade needs. We are dedicated to helping North American and Chinese companies improve their trading results.

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